COVID SP2021 Room Reservations

McCormick Room Reservations Policy Spring 2021

The procedure to reserve common spaces in McCormick has been changed to reflect the current situation and follows universal rules set by MIT Administration for use of shared spaces in MIT dormitories. 

Criteria to reserve a shared space in McCormick:

  • If reservations are not being made for individual use, other members must be from the same POD.
  • Each resident can put in only one request to reserve a space per week
  • Reservations that exceed the occupancy limit for the space, or that include residents who are not in the same pod, will not be approved.
  • All space usage must be reserved ahead of time. You cannot simply see if a key is available at desk and use a space. 
  • Submit requests on Team Up three days in advance.
  • Check back before your event starts to make sure it’s been approved (Approved by Emma, McCormick's AD).
  • Face coverings must be used in reservable spaces.
  • Pick up keys at desk.
  • After use, wipe down all surfaces.
  • Return to key back to desk. 

The following may be reserved (*subject to change):

  • Country Kitchen
  • Craft Room
  • Music Room
  • Game Room
  • Annex Basement
  • Gym

** Kitchen in the Clouds, Seminar Rooms A and B, Date Rooms A, B, and D, Private Dining Room are not currently reservable. 

*** The Green/Brown Living Rooms and East and West Penthouses cannot be reserved. Individuals from different pods can be in these spaces at the same time so long as they wear masks and follow social distancing. 

To make a reservation, go here on Team Up