Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources

Dealing with Discrimination - Resources

MIT Offices to Contact:

MIT Institute Community & Equity Office
John Dozier 
Institute Community & Equity Officer
Email Address: jdozier@mit.edu
Phone: 617-253-8418
Maryanne Kirkbride
Deputy Institute Community & Equity Officer
Email Address: kirk@mit.edu
MIT Institute Discrimination & Harrassment Response Office
Email Address: idhr@mit.edu
Emergency Contact: 
  • MIT Police: 617-253-1212
  • Urgent Care: 617-253-4481
  • Dean on Call: 617-253-1212
MIT Office of Minority Education
Email Address: omemit@mit.edu
Phone Number: 617-253-5010
DiOnetta Crayton
Associate Dean and Director of the Office of Minority Education
Email Address: dionetta@mit.edu
MIT Office of Multicultural Programs
Website: https://studentlife.mit.edu/omp
Email Address: omp@mit.edu
Nina DeAgrela
Assistant Dean, Intercultural Engagement, Multicultural Programs
Email Address: tonina@mit.edu
Dr. Alma Jam
Assistant Director, Intercultural Engagement, Multicultural Programs
Email Address: almajam@mit.edu
MIT Office of Religious, Spiritual, and Ethical Life
Email Address: askachaplain@mit.edu
Phone: 617-253-7707
MIT International Students Office
Email Address: ISO-HELP@mit.edu
Phone: 617-253-3795
Fax: 617-258-5483
ISO Emergency Number for use at U.S Port-of-Entry: (617) 258-5480
(For use only when entering the U.S. and have issues at U.S. Customs and Border Protection)


MIT Clubs and Organizations:
List of cultural organizations at MIT:
Engage.mit.edu >> Club Signup >> Cultural Organizations
List of MIT clubs affiliated with the OME Student Advisory Council:


Improving awareness about culture/race:
Center Racial Justice.org - a curated list of resources:


Books to read/book lists:
Books Curated by Forbes:
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Book List:


Resources in Boston/volunteering/work opportunities:
DEI Consulting - Boston Consulting Group
Boston Racial Equity Fund


Videos/documentaries to watch:
Race Forward: a resource that discusses intersectionality
Race: The Power of an Illusion
Ted Talk: How I learned to stop worrying and start talking about race, Jay Smooth
Ted Talk: The danger of a single story, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie