Residential Life Area Direactor (RLAD) and Graduate Residence Advisors (GRAs)

Emma Johnson
Residential Life Area Director

Hi! My name is Emma Johnson, and I am the Area Director for McCormick. I previously worked in MIT’s Office of Student Conduct for a year, and am excited to move into this new role and become a part of the McCormick community. My office door is (almost) always open – stop by any time to chat, complain, or get candy!

My husband, Jun, lives in McCormick as well. We love movies and TV, board games, and eating good food. Come hang out with us on the roof when the weather is nice.


Hi all! I'm Soya, a graduate student who lives in the annex, and my job is to make your stay at McCormick as enjoyable as possible :) In my free time, I like reality TV (I have mastered all the reality shows on Netflix!), desserts, dogs, and sending people pictures of my dog. I'm originally from South Korea, and now I study computer science at MIT. I design and build interfaces that help teams collaborate better!

Divya M. Shanmugam
2/3 East

Hi, my name is Divya - I'm the GRA for 2 & 3 East and a graduate student in computer science, focusing on machine learning and healthcare. I grew up in a suburb outside of Chicago (shoutout to Naperville) before coming to MIT for undergrad a couple years ago. I liked it so much I decided to stick around for many more!

My free time goes towards doing crosswords, trying new food and reading (send me your book recs!). Stop by room 325 if you want to say hi - can't wait to meet you all this year.

Rachel and Brandon
2/3 West

Hi everybody, we are Rachel and Brandon. This is our first year as GRAs at McCormick, serving floors 2 & 3 in the west tower. This is our second year living in Cambridge and we are loving it. We like to cook new foods, go hiking, biking, or stay home and play card games. Brandon is starting his second year of a PhD in mechanical engineering, researching high performance steels. Rachel is preparing for a Masters in Social Work. We love getting to know new people, so come say hi in 317!

Eleanor Freund
4/5 East

Hi everyone, my name is Eleanor and I’m the GRA for 4/5 East. I’m a PhD candidate in course 17 (political science) concentrating in international relations and security studies. I’m American but grew up in a diplomatic family and so spent most of my childhood living abroad - in Madagascar, Ghana, South Africa, and Austria. I went to UC Berkeley for college and then worked in DC, Boston, and Beijing before coming to MIT for my PhD. When I’m not nerding out about politics, I love to travel, read fiction, and stay active. You can find me drinking too much coffee and watching reruns of Veep in apartment 525 – come say hello!

Jackie Ohmura
4/5 West 

Hi!  I’m Jackie, the GRA for McCormick 4/5 West & excited to be part of the McCormick community!  I am a medical student working on a spaced MD/PhD, where I completed the PhD first in course 20, then decided to go to med school.  I'm currently in the HST program and spend my time jointly between MIT, Harvard, and MEEI where I am doing computational glaucoma research.  I like exploring different hobbies which include art, baking, recsport classes, and playing instruments (singing/euphonium/tuba).  I also love getting to know new residents, and am looking forward to seeing each of you in McCormick!

6/7 East

Hi! I am the GRA for McCormick 6/7 East. I am currently a PhD student in Computer Science. My research interests fall into Human Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval, specifically, making big data accessible to everyone! I enjoy traveling and being outside. For fun, I like hiking, canyoneering, scuba diving and sailing. Mostly, I enjoy the company of my friends, sharing dinners and planning trips together. I’m looking forward to being part of the McCormick community and to getting to know you all!

Diana and Salomón (Salo)
6/7 West

Hi! We are Diana and Salomón (Salo for short) and we are the GRAs for 6/7 West. Diana is a second-year graduate student in the economics department at MIT and Salo is a second-year graduate student in systems engineering at BU. We love biking, running, scuba diving, skiing, traveling, listening to music and meeting new people! We are both from Mexico City and have known each other since kindergarten. Feel free to knock on our door anytime! We will be happy to talk to you and give you candy and chocolate, also come if you want to practice your Spanish :)