House Government

Executive Committee

Shelby Laitipaya, Meenu Singh, & Margaret Zheng

The Presidents of McCormick have one main goal: to continually make the dorm an even better place to live. In order to accomplish this, there are a variety of responsibilities that come along. The first and most important is listening to the residents’ wants and needs. This dictates the projects we undergo and the responsibilities of the executive board for that semester. With this in mind, the Presidents manage meetings and communication with the House Government members, Heads of House, Area Director and Facilities; represent the dorms’ needs and stances to Chancellor’s Office, Undergraduate Association and Dormitory Council; and engage in campus-wide conversations about campus culture, student life and housing policies. All in all, the Presidents are there to bridge the gap between the McCormick residents and the rest of campus.


Zitong Chen & Maria Garcia-Garcia

The Vice President/Treasurer manages the money for the dorm and assists the President. All of the money that the chairs and floor groups spend goes through the Vice President/Treasurer.


Tilly Swanson

The secretary's tasks are to announce house meetings, record meeting minutes, and then post the minutes. The secretary works with the president and the vice president/treasurer to oversee the chairs and to hold house meetings.




Adeena Khan & Irina Zoccolini

The McCormick Big/Lil Chair is responsible for making the adjustment to MIT easier for first years by pairing them up with upperclassmen based on common interests and organizing fun activities for them to get to know each other.


Jolie Kim

The McCormick Social Chairs are responsible for planning events to encourage community within the McCormick residence hall. These events include subsidized tickets to concerts, athletic games, and movies along with events hosted in collaboration with other dorms.


Elaine Pham

The McCormick Study Break Chairs organize fun study breaks to bring the McCormick community together while enjoying themed food, music, and more!


Rudiba Laiba

The Dining chair acts as an advocate for residents on issues of dining, ensuring that the residence dining program matches the wants and needs of residents. The Dining chair is also responsible for holding 3-4 themed dinners per semester.


Lía Bu

This Historian keeps track of the events/activities of McCormick and will take pictures and provide them to the Webmaster.


Emma Liu & Lena Nguyen-Vo

The McCormick IAP Chair is responsible for organizing fun events during January such as escape room, karaoke night, and potsticker study breaks!


Rumaisa Abdulhai & Rose Alsalman

The Room Assignment Chair is responsible for conducting the room lotteries which determine where people room. The Room Assignments Policy is determined by a house vote. It outlines the point system which determines each person’s chances for a particular room. Room lotteries occur during the Fall, IAP, and Spring terms.


Rumaisa Abdulhai & Jade Durham

The Spirit Chair designs and sells McCormick Hall merchandise. Examples of merchandise include: blankets, sweatpants, t-shirts, and water bottles.


Ruth Lu

The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining and updating the McCormick website.



The McCormick Alumni Chair helps connect current and former McCormick residents through organizing an Alumni social once or twice a semester. Past events have included a resume and interview workshop and various socials and dinners.


Rumaisa Abdulhai, Jade Durham, Rudiba Laiba, & Prajna Nair

The McCormick CPW Chairs are responsible for planning all events to recruit McCormick's potential first year residents during Campus Preview Weekend (CPW) in the spring.


Lía Bu & Lucy Nester

Creating opportunities to do small things with great love in order to foster both a healthy community in McCormick and to host impactful acts of kindness around the greater Boston/Cambridge area.


Riley Contee

The I3 chair is responsible for making the I3 video about McCormick Hall that will be sent out every summer to incoming frosh for the Freshman Housing Lottery.


Eugenia Feng, Kayla Berg, Megan Lim, Tong Ye, Yi Jun Yang

The Orientation chair is responsible for planning all events for incoming frosh during Orientation week.


Kelcey Allen

The room reservations chair reserves rooms for residents who’ve filled out the appropriate forms (which are online!). Forms must be submitted at least 3 days in advance. The room reservations does not handle guest room reservations, that is taken care of by the deskworker.


Megan Lim & Eileen Chau

The Athletic Chair holding this position is responsible for promoting athletic events for the dorm, organizing IM teams, setting up intramural games, and providing the upkeep of the Exercise Room.


Nebus Kitessa

The Craft Room Chair oversees the McCormick Craft Studio and manages the upkeep of the supplies and sewing machine and serger in there.


Tilly Swanson

The Dish Closet Chair is responsible for organizing the dish closet and purchasing new equipment. The chair is also in charge of rental of dishes from the closet by McCormick residents.


Eileen Chau

The Entertainment Chair is responsible for managing and maintaining McCormick’s DVD collection and technology in the Game Room.


Lucy Nester

The McCormick Environmental Chair is responsible for inspiring the dorm to be gloriously green. Raising awareness and knowledge about sustainability are the key aims of this position. Promoting sustainable habits is the ultimate aim. E-mails, study breaks, volunteering, and postering all reflect potential avenues for achieving these goals. The Environmental Chair should be engaged, enthusiastic, and ready to take on (or at least help protect) the world!


Rose Alsalman

The McCormick music room chair is responsible for renovating the McCormick Hall’s current music room and potentially expanding the music scene in McCormick Hall.



The Tech Chair is responsible for the upkeep of the McCormick Athena Cluster, which includes a printer, scanner, and a computer lab, as well as the 3D printer in McCormick Craft Studio. The chair is also in charge of making sure Athena Cluster Rules and printer guidelines are followed.




Favour Oladimeji & Christina Patterson

Judcomm is responsible for making judicial decisions which affect the dorm and require interpretation of any rules set out by McCormick government. Often, any problems such as violation of room reservation rules may be presented to Judcomm. There are five Judcomm members (including the Judcomm chair) and one alternate.


Sarah Acolatse

The Desk Captain is a McCormick resident who oversees all the desk workers ( and is second-in-command after the House Manager.


Joy Domingo-Kameenui & Lucy Nester

A new committee created for the inclusion of minorities and focus on diversity.


Christina Kim

The Academic Coordinator oversees academic activities in McCormick. They run the McC-FAST (McCormick First-Year Academic Support & Tutoring) program, coordinates the tutors (, and attends to other various academic activities.